After spending over 25 years in the mortgage industry working for big box and other mortgage firms, Founder and President Greg Giniel grew frustrated with lengthy, complicated industry processes. These standard practices overwhelmed clients, sometimes comprised their best interests, and consumed too much time. He knew he could do better for his clients, colleagues, and for realtors. In 2016, Giniel launched Giniel Financial Group, a different kind of mortgage company. With a people-first business approach and Simply Easy philosophy, GFG changes the mortgage process for clients and partners by putting people first.

The reason I got into the business and why I started my business was this: I knew I could treat people better. I knew I could treat them the way I would want to be treated. I started Giniel Financial Group to provide a better experience and we do all of our business through what our core values are.

We understand there are people’s lives and well-being behind each mortgage we provide. We do not take that lightly. Our team guides clients through the mortgage process from start to finish, finding the best solution for each one, eliminating confusion and blurred communication, and shaving days off closing times.