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Thanks for stopping by. About Giniel Financial Group...

Giniel Financial Group was founded with one goal; to make the mortgage process simply easy for clients, employees, and our business partners.

After spending over 25 years in the mortgage industry working for big box and other mortgage firms, Founder and President Greg Giniel grew frustrated with lengthy, complicated industry processes. These standard practices overwhelmed clients, sometimes comprised their best interests, and consumed too much time. He knew he could do better for his clients, colleagues, and for realtors.

In 2016, Giniel launched Giniel Financial Group, a different kind of mortgage company. With a people-first business approach and Simply Easy philosophy, GFG changes the mortgage process for clients and partners by putting people first. We understand there are people’s lives and well-being behind each mortgage we provide. We do not take that lightly. Our team guides clients through the mortgage process from start to finish, finding the best solution for each one, eliminating confusion and blurred communication, and shaving days off closing times.

Our team has come together to develop core values that not only represent us as people but also represent how we do business. Believing in and living these Core Values has created a company culture that really does strive to be better every day, and encourages you to reach new heights in your career with a strong support system and genuinely great people that become more than just colleagues, they become family.

These core values are what sets GFG apart. It’s why we’re different.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Simple

Process – Simply Easy.
From work systems to client processes and everything in between, we are committed to making things simply easy for employees, clients and partners. In every decision we make as a company, we ask ourselves “Is this Simply Easy”? Simply Easy for our clients? Simply Easy for our team? Mortgages can be complicated, tricky and intimidating. At GFG we do our best to simplify that process for everyone involved. If it isn’t Simply Easy, we find a way to make it Simply Easy.

Growth & Development – Getting Better Every Day.
Improving. Learning. Growing. We surround ourselves with those who strive to do better and be better everyday. GFG fosters an environment where those around us can set personal growth goals and work to achieve them.

People Matter- Family.
Family first always. We love what we do and who we do it for. We work for our families and our clients’ families. We put family first in every decision we make. As a family based organization, we encourage our staff to spend with family. That loan will be there tomorrow. You only have one opportunity to make memories today.

Relationship Driven – Clients First.
We are our clients’ advocates. We treat them like humans, not transactions. We understand there are people’s lives and well-being behind each mortgage we provide. We do not take that lightly. . During all stages of the mortgage process we ask ourselves “Is this best for the Client”?

Team Building – Fun.
Teams that can have fun together do great work together. We are passionate about our jobs and truly enjoy the work we do and the people we do it with. We believe a relaxed yet productive environment builds better teams. We have developed and grown a company culture that promotes inclusiveness, family and fun.

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