Why Loan Officers join Giniel Financial...

 Do any of these describe your situation?
  • You can’t close a loan within 20 calendar days
  • Clearing conditions are driving you crazy
  • You have a costly tiered compensation plan
  • Your office doesn’t support you
  • You are frustrated with the lack of growth or growth plan
  • You are under significant pressure from referral sources
  • You are fed with toxic company cultures & workplaces
  • You are tired of losing past clients to the competition
  • You face market threats
Giniel Financial provides a Simply Easy system so you can close more loans with fewer headaches
  • We provide support for Loan Officer to close more loans
  • We eliminate tedious tasks
  • We strive to make the process Simply Easy for your clients
  • We are people who are excited to work and succeed
  • We prove in house “Magic Touches” for your referral business
  • We partner with the best lenders

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